Maro Facial Cleanser 150Ml 3 Types

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A foam type medicated acne preventing face cleaner which often slowly makes clean the skin pores with collagen whip. Adsorbs sebum and also pore earth with hundred % plant friendly cleaning substances which might be light on the skin. Established substances wipe out zits bacteria preventing inflammation. Take out of laundry detergent sort effective representative and also amino acid sort active representative. Vitamin C (d- tocopherol), healing ingredients (isopropyl methyl phenol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate). Petroleum surfactant free, alcohol free, synthetic coloring free, paraben free, mineral oil free. Incense sort. A foam laundry with collagen (succinyl atelocollagen) to protect skin hydrating. How you can use: If you press the pump, the face cleaner is launched in bubbles. Wet the face area, choose a suitable volume (aproximatelly two pumps) and cleanse the face area as it's. Use bubbles to the beard of yours and shave. Then rinse completely. Push the pump bit by bit. There's something that is difficult to turn into a bubble when pushing soon. Take advantage of the planting container with no shaking or maybe tilting. Pack Size - 150ml

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