High Moisturizing Makeup Remover 120G

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Thoroughly clean pore pore plugs and also beauty products. Gel which moisturizes white-colored clay and also seaweed adsorbs makeup stains and also square plugs without kneading. A luxurious makeup remover composed of rare volcanic grey clay and also mineral seaweed. The solid gel which uses the stickiness of white clay and seaweed with negative ion attributes floats and also appeals to square plug and beauty products stains stains with constructive ion attributes. Deep cleansing is simple as well as simple to clean pores. It comes with a mild wash up which moisturizes the skin. It can certainly be worn maybe even in a bath without having the necessity for a face wash. Natural aroma of grapefruit essential oil. Man-made pigment free, fragrance free, mineral free, alcohol free, non paraben Al silicate (cleaning or adsorption component), Brown algae extract (humidity retention component) The right way to use: Take a suitable quantity and put it on to rub across the location where cosmetics and pores are worrisome. When cosmetics shows up, do rinse closely without rubbing. Last but not least, rinse with drinking water which is cool and close up the pores of the skin. When you desire to get rid of makeup which is tough to get rid of, we recommend making use of hands which are dried out.

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