Visee Nudy Fit Liquid Spf 25 Pa++ 30Ml 4 Types

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Although it's tiny, it's insured competently. Fit gently thinly and cover pore along with uneven colorization uniformly. it is not sticky, It is soft, even with no powder. Sarah skin powder mixture. Along with sebum adsorption powder. Pore cover powder mixture. Essence liquid ingredient (moisturizing) mixed with hyaluronic acid, peach leaf extract, squalane. Care while moisture while creating help to make up. Certainly no smell. Sarah your skin powder is boron nitride, sebum adsorption powdered is silica, pore covering powder is silica. How you can use: Shake it up as well as down effectively with the cap sealed. Right after taking the skin of yours with the makeup base of yours, have a suitable volume on the fingertips of yours and distribute evenly over all areas of the experience. Spread thinly near your nose, mouth and eyes. Pack Size - 30ml

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