White Moisture Mild Lotion 180Ml 2 Types

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Skin whitening in the significant level: Effect is highlighted and clear skin stays. Whitening active ingredient: High heaven sustained release vitamin C formula. Even arived at the stratum corneum. In addition, it suppresses the development of secret melanin, lurking right behind the epidermis, as well as helps prevent freckles and spots. Higher moisture content ingredients: A good deal of moisture is learned and clear skin stays. Extended moisture sustained prescription. Steep hydrating W collagen: spread for the epidermis surface area & keep on distinct experience & Keep moisture in the backside of the feel. Moisture content retention ingredients (hyaluronic acid AA NMF). Highly fresh continual vitamin C permeates immediately. One-touch cap adoption & add spout design tricky to drip. Flavor-free, mineral oil, non-colored, non alcohol (ethyl alcohol). It's an easy-to-use and refreshing comfort, as well as it's a solution which usually wakes as much as the sides of the stratum corneum. How you can utilize: Cleansing Face wash > Lotion (this product) > Latex > Please put it to use in the sale of product. Right after cleansing the face area of yours, have a suitable volume of palm or perhaps cotton and permit it to satisfy on the skin of yours as putting.

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