Suhada Kinenbi Fake Nude Powder Spf 20 Pa++ 15G 2 Types

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It's an organic base beauty products brand name that's as around your skin layer as you possibly can plus superbly appealing. A less arduous spherical powder which is tremendously mixed with loose powder. It's a brand new sort of presto style face powder which often includes the light weight of loose powder and also the covering strength of presto powder. 3 illusion prescriptions obviously take care of the picture of skin issues like pores, dullness, uneven color, and unevenness. Fluffy nice particle powdered which usually cannot be touched. Pressed spherical powdered less arduous than normal, hugely mixed in unfastened. Done with a nice and also soft natural skin. Camouflage result with three types of polarized pearls. Pink, white, and orange polarized pearls which usually change color according to the direction show jagged skin color evenly. Light-transmitting powder mixed solid atmosphere, zero. Adopting fluffy puff as macaroon. Boosts the skin of yours with mild while concealing the skin issues of yours. Solid skin care. Features epidermis hydrating ingredients (3D hyaluronic acid, vitamin C derivative, rose flower extract). No UV absorber, mineral oil, tar dye. Pack Size - 15g

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