Set Of 3: Organic Lip Scrub 3 Jars, Each 20G

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Our lip rinse gift set will give you the opportunity to make a present they will always remember - healthy, gorgeous lips. Having all 3 of our sugar scrub tastes (vanilla), berry, and mint, it is the most perfect approach to allow an unique someone know just how quite a bit of you want the look of theirs. How you can use: Choose the preferred flavor of yours! With hands which are clean, use a pea sized amount of scrub to the mouth of yours. Make use of the fingertips of yours to lightly massage in the mouth of yours. Let your scrub remain for a minute or even 2. Crystal clear out any overabundance of with a damp cloth. Pat lips dried out. Use the fave lip color of yours or even chapstick. Show the earth the beautiful brand new smile of yours!

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