Lucido Deodorant Stick 15G

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Unscented deodorant which often doesn't defuse the scent. The blend of yellow activated carbon which diligently adsorbs sebum and sweat, and that is the cause of odor, is adhered to by cozy clean skin. Since it's an impressive adhesion, direct painting variety, it is going to stay on the skin of yours the whole day with no perspiring, and the effects will continue. The active ingredients Bactericidal part as well as Antiperspirant part are mixed with W. We influence odor bacteria and also sweat preventing odor for decades. Stick type which is really easy to paint on the wall structure. A fantastic sensation of using with the mixture of raise flavonomics, rejuvenating ingredients menthol and even green tea extract. Certainly no other color and also no smell. The way to use: After getting rid of it while rotating the cap, keep the cylindrical element in the roof of the planting container and switch the lower part of the planting container. Do regain the contents after use and tighten up the cap firmly. Please note that you could break in the event you drop the stick or perhaps discard it out there very much. Pack Size - 15g

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